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Honda CR-V Lease Deals in Passaic, NJ

Lease a Honda CR-V in Passaic, NJ

Honda CR-V Lease Offers in Passaic, NJ

Honda is synonymous with quality in the auto-manufacturing world. Honda’s attention-to-detail exists all across its inventory. One example is that Honda’s bumpers line up across all models, an essential feature for safety.

If you are looking to purchase a midsize SUV, know that you are in good hands with the Honda CR-V. It has all of the traits people have come to associate with Honda: high safety ratings, stylish exterior, comfortable interior, up-to-date technology, and superior driving dynamics. In the Honda CR-V, you really take command of the road.

One of the smartest ways to get behind the wheel of a CR-V daily is by leasing one from Garden State Honda in Passaic, NJ. We offer some of the best prices on the CR-V in the area, and we make paying easy. Check out our Honda CR-V inventory and our entire lineup of new vehicles. We have a vehicle for everybody.

Once you find yours, give us a call. At Garden State Honda, we will answer any of your questions about the cars on our lot and the lease deals available to you.

Benefits of Leasing a Honda CR-V

Leasing is a contract that gives you the benefit of driving the Honda CR-V in exchange for a monthly payment for a set period — usually a few years. When your lease is up, you return the vehicle and lease a new one. The benefits of leasing are that it saves you money, takes less commitment, and makes getting a new SUV simple. Of course, leasing is not the route for everybody. Whether you lease or purchase, we have your back at Garden State Honda.

Leasing is more affordable because your monthly payments are usually lower with a lease agreement. You also save money with leasing because you are not held liable for sales tax. Since you will be returning your SUV at the end of your lease, the IRS does not consider it a sale for tax purposes.

Leasing is also a much shorter-term commitment than financing a purchase. When you buy a vehicle, you must continue making payments until it is paid off. You also have to sell the vehicle, which will have depreciated in value. By leasing, you avoid all of this hassle. You simply return the vehicle at the end of your lease, and Garden State Honda will worry about finding a new place for your now-used CR-V.

At the end of your lease, you also get the option to lease the new version of the CR-V. You can also lease a different model. Leasing gives you a lot more freedom to upgrade than a traditional purchase.

The main reason to purchase is to get a CR-V with accessories or performance upgrades. If that sounds like something you want, you can always finance a purchase through Garden State Honda. Whether you lease or finance, our Financing Department will make sure you get a great price. We are committed to making driving accessible to everyone in the Passaic area.

Get a Great Lease on the Honda CR-V in Passaic, NJ

Call us today. At Garden State Honda, our team can answer all outstanding questions you have about the CR-V, Hondas, or vehicle finances. We love everything about cars and everything about our customers. We are here to help you get the perfect vehicle for your life.

You are also welcome to stop in. We have expansive hours and are conveniently located. Plus, there is no alternative to test-driving when it comes to finding the right vehicle.