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Lease vs Financing Near Clifton, NJ

Lease vs. Financing

Lease vs Financing Near Clifton, NJ

You need a new vehicle. After hours of research and test driving, then you have finally found the vehicle of dreams, but there is still one last question you must ask yourself concerning getting your new vehicle. Are you going to lease or finance your new vehicle? There are certainly benefits to both, but are you aware of which will benefit your life the most? If you are unsure if leasing or financing is the way to go, then head over to Garden State Honda in Clifton. Our dealership’s finance center employs highly skilled financial assistants who will create the best plan for you whether you opt to finance or lease. They will sit down with you to go over what either option could look like for you and your budget.

If you would like to know a little bit of what you’re about to get into with leasing or financing, then keep reading as our Honda dealership gives you a brief synopsis of what to look forward to when you finance or lease your next vehicle.

Leasing Benefits

Leasing is great for those who enjoy flexibility. Leasing terms are short, so if you enjoy having the best and newest vehicle on the market, then leasing may just be for you. Another advantage for leasing that draw many are the lower monthly payments for a lease. That’s not the only way you can save by leasing. If you lease, higher interest rates and sales tax need not be a concern for you.

Benefits of Financing

Financing is a great option for those who genuinely want ownership of their vehicle. The moment you finish paying on your car loan, the car is 100% yours, and that is a fantastic feeling. Another great thing about financing is that while you are paying your monthly loan payments, you are also establishing equity towards the vehicle. And because the vehicle is yours, you can drive it for miles to come. You need not worry about turning in your vehicle after so many miles.

The other great thing about financing, which we have already established, is that the vehicle is yours. After paying off the loan, you can sell or trade it. And because the vehicle is yours, you can customize the vehicle anyway you wish, giving you the freedom to truly make the vehicle your own.

Lease Or Finance Your Vehicle at Garden State Honda

Whether you are certain that leasing is the way for you, or you plan on financing your vehicle, the good news is that you can trust the finance center at Garden State Honda with either option. Garden State Honda is conveniently located near Clifton. Don’t wait another moment to get your next vehicle. Visit our dealership today. We look forward to seeing you!